What Games Do We Make?

Serious Games

The Serious Games movement is a powerful movement to produce games that are not only fun and engaging, but games that actually empower and inspire players.  Learning, thinking, and player agency among the most fundamental rules of game design.

Traditional Educational Games

Educational Games, or game based learning, allows us to translate learning objectives into fun gaming experiences.  Lessons, quizzes, and curriculum can be translated into a variety of activities that support a deeper learning, and an engaged state among students.

Workshops and Consulting

Over the past 5 years, we have worked with Fortune 500 Companies like: Intel­™, Microsoft™, Deloitte™ and many others to bring games and education to the forefront. From workshops to engaging games design, we help you support players as learners.


Our Latest Devlopment Project

Climate Corruption

 A Fun Fast Paced Strategy Game

A  deeply fun strategy game where your actions control the climate.  This  fast paced strategy game puts you in the driver's seat of the climate  and it's impact on humanity, and you can choose your side!  How will you  play the planet?

Be  the corporate corrupter, influencing governments, media and building  your wealth til you have total control? No?  Then be the climate's hero  and build up the environment, plant more trees, and control the media  message to beat out the corrupted cabal and create your utopia.   Whatever your play-style is, your every choice is consequential.

Visit www.existentialgames.fun to get regular updates on the development or to sign up when the closed Beta is ready.

In current development with UNITY for Apple IOS | Android | STEAM | Windows | Xbox | and More.

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About Us

ZoomInEd Inc. began 5 years ago as a simple partnership between a Teacher, and a Game Based Learning expert.  The mission was simple.  To create educational Minecraft­™ components for teachers.  Over those years, we've grown to be one of the most recognized groups in Game Based Learning with Minecraft™.  We've worked with and developed for many Corporations, Education Ministries, and School Boards to support best practice around games and learning.

Most recently, we've opened a new facet of the business, and begun to design Serious Games for the mainstream gamer.  Games that will be insightful, deep, but above all fun! Our team is expanding as we begin this new journey, so please join us for the game of your lives.


Garrett Zimmer

CEO and Principal

Garrett brings an amazing vision to the team and it's that vision that drives the future of this company.  

"Games are the best way to teach values, relationships, and perseverance.  Games are 'Hard Fun', so the perfect place for games is in the classroom and more importantly as a tool for good in the world." - Garrett Zimmer

Business Development, Game Design, Marketing, and Game Based Learning Research Liaison.


Lynne Telfer

Director of Education

Lynne's passion for technology in education and the use of games as a tool for learning is contagious and inspiring.  As the Director of Education she's the bridge that crosses the vast cavern between learning and fun.


Curriculum Specialist, Technology Education Specialist, Australia Certified Educator, and Games Developer.


David Stovell

Director of Technology

David brings over 4 decades of experience as a Teacher, with 3 decades of that at the College level teaching Computer Programming.  His passion for technology and the way that it both shapes and supports learning is resounding.  His guiding hand allows our team to build better, build faster, and build with the right tools for the job.

Database Driven Web Design Specialist, AI and App Development, College Technology Professor, Coordinator of Programmer Analyst Program - Niagara College of Applied Arts.

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